No excuse to forget

I didn’t post a journal entry yesterday and Master was not pleased. It is a requirement that I write every single day, no excuses. I have no valid excuse for not writing yesterday besides I simply forgot. Master hasn’t punished me but I’m sure he will soon. I will take my punishment, thank him for the correction, and learn from my forgetfulness. 

Today I was only required to plug, which was nice but because I haven’t done it in a few days it made me sore. I was ordered to rope, bind, and clamp yesterday which was hard. It makes me body ache, makes things sore and tender, but I endure it because I know it pleases Master and it gives me the sense of Master being with me at all times. The days I don’t have any commands I feel lost, I need to feel him with me.

Master also required that I focused and worked on school most of the day, which I did. I would’ve gotten more done but ended up getting a bad headache so I had to stop. Thankfully Master is a very understanding man and didn’t push me to do more than I could. It also helps that this week is somewhat of an easy week 👍.


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