Once upon a time

There was a very small creature who lived in the forest called “Dwarf”. He loved to assist people in need, he had a special “magic” and power.

One day the little man decided to leave his house in the forest and moved to the city.

Worried, he noticed habitants of the city had very strange habits – they didn’t look at each other, mostly runned with strange instruments that would strangely glow in their hands, worked hard to get greenish pieces of paper that would use to get things, but their faces, man their faces… were vanishing. Their eyes were so deep silent,  their smiles so deep gone.

So he said to himself, ” It’s time to work on colourful smiles” , but the more he tried to approach to men, the most he got pushed away.

The little man grew teary. He couldn’t understand what he was seeing.


¿Where am i? No one would listen. Everyone was always too busy for anyone else than themselves.

“Do i know you?”  “Get outta my way””Let me alone!”

The little man tried his best – his heart broke into two.

Soon, his smile faded away. He got sick – a very serious disease – he grew deeply sad. 

Now, he needed of someone else to go back shining, like he did in the past.

But how? he was alone in a unknown place.

How can be mankind constantly breaking their own hearts, all at the same pace ? the little man whispered and tears fell from his eyes – Why can’t they spare a second to see?

That night a guy running down the street saw a little flick of light coming from a pile of bushes – the little man’s magic dust started to vanish through the air -the guy just kept running

However, on his way back the same street, the guy noticed a small body in a corner that looked so gray, what is this thing? –  he said to himself, looking closer he could see his eyelids, and looking at this eyes closed, he could find a frozen teardrop. On his little hand Dwarf held a bracelet which read: “What really matters in life, aren’t things. Please,  love each other again”

“Man, it’s nonsense” – thought the guy, – however, he kept looking at the dwarf’s face, he looked so familiar to him, he looked like home, like the good and the bad, like strength and wisdom, so the guy, whose name was Erik, could finally remember – holding the man’s little body, he started growing tears into his eyes – what am i doing? he screamed.

Soon, Erik noticed the cold little body turning warm, first his little legs, to his arms, body and head. Erik had been running with eyes wide open all this time, but felt as if along with the little man sickness, he had waken up from a deep  long dream. He closed his eyes, held the dwarf’s hand and the bracelet suddenly started shining – the guy couldn’t believe his eyes!

That small little body started moving, shined brighter than ever. Erik  had saved “Dwarf”. Dwarf  grew a brand new smile on his heart, because for once, someone was brave enough to see beyond his own eyes . Dwarf gave him the warmest hug ever and thank him for his bravery. The guy smiled back at him and helped him stand up.

Together now,  they helped more people from the city to believe, to see, to love, to play, to heal, to hope and to do it for everyone. Because now, they were one and all for everyone. 

That way Dwarf left back to the forest, shining brighter than he did before- because after all, he knows, there is still HOPE for all mankind.








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