The man and the weeds


in a beautiful park in the middle of this crowded city, there was a small spot where bits of dry old grass started to show – in between  a small green plant appeared – small and unable to give flowers.

A woman who walked by gave it a real bad look and left, the next people who walked by did the same, “Man, this place is getting so horrible – they would always complain. A good bunch of roses instead of that ugly plant would make it look so nice. Such a pity.”

But one day, a little man at the park, sat by it. He had a beautiful garden at home, he always took care of,  so he looked at the green plant as so fragile and tiny, struggling to grow between the dry grass, he couldn’t resist and took it home.

The man put the plant in his garden looking to the sun,  watered it,  cleaned it. Most days, he would sing to it,  “Do not worry smally. You are safe and will get better. I assure you this is just the beginning – you will grow beautifully, the sun will feed you and i’ll be with you in this process. I promise.”

Many days went by, weeks, months and years and finally one morning, the man woke up and found it turned into a beautiful  plant full of flowers. It was blossom time!, and he couldn’t get more happy for it – “Oh my God, you made it!.” – he said with joy.

Time passed by and now the man, is married, got a beautiful lovely family. He had always been patient and faithful, and everything has fallen into place for once, he feels so alive.

That ugly plant – that was never ugly, has also gotten to show its inner beauty.  It and its friend, they made it together. 

“Smally” is now a huge tree of 30 years, full of flowers and little birds singing every morning around its leaves.

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