I had become a rather clingy person and over the years I had gotten more dependent on the idea of finally finding a place I really belonged. Due to that I became weak maybe not physically but mentally I was a disaster waiting to happen. It was inevitable and after disappointment after disappointment I cracked. I had stupidly followed others for most of my life and that was all I knew so even after perpetually being hurt I blindly continued to do so. I had been broken for a long time and it took me a while to realize it but when I did I slowly started to pick up the pieces. I had never saw myself and the truth of my situation before but suddenly one day I could clearly see it all…


“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to do that.”


Yes you did you liar you’ve done it before, I wanted to say. I was shocked that I could still be this angry because I had begun to put up with this for so long. It was a wonder that I still had any fight left in me to stand up to him but I did. I slowly rose to a sitting position but didn’t bother to look at him or to move my hair out of my face.


“Get out,” I whispered knowing he would hear me.


“What baby? You don’t really mean-” he started caught off guard by my demand.


“I said get out,” I said in a stronger voice.


“You don’t have the right to-” he began.


“This is my apartment. You don’t have a job so you don’t pay rent,” I simply stated in a level tone getting up. “This is my apartment,” I repeated more forcefully, “not yours and I just told you to get out,” I growled at him.


His eyes widened in surprised. I knew I must have been a sight to behold, never having stood up to him before there I stood my glowing amber eyes watching him waiting to see what he would do. I shook, my anger rising every second that he still stood in front of me.


“You obvious have a problem so what is it? Is it that you’re suddenly blind or deaf?” I started walking towards him. My teeth elongated and I growled at him in warning, “because I believe I made myself clear when l said what I wanted you to do.”


He smiled at me tenaciously, “there’s no problem right babe?” he approached then reached for me as I had let him do before.


He always had his way, I never fought with him but he thought he could get out of this the way he thought he could get out of everything. He wanted to distract me, because he thought if he turned on the charm I would always fall into bed with him and forget everything he’d done wrong. This charade was over, I had played gullible and stupid far too long.


“It’s just a simple misunderstanding,” he cooed. This time I wasn’t falling for his tricks.


“There is no misunderstanding that you need to find somewhere else to live and most likely a job too,” I sneered at him slapping his hand away. My hands had started shifting but when I’d stepped closer to push him away I slashed him in the process. He wailed, I hadn’t exactly meant to do it but I wasn’t apologetic either.


Serves him right after all he’s done to me.


Finally getting the message he fled as quickly as he could.

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  1. Amicia, you go girl. It’s never too late to turn around.

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