Crazy but not

So some bitch at work decided I was suicidal and I had to go to the hospital, got yanked out of work and everything. The dr there was a douche and wanted to keep me, so I had to get 3 family members there, my best friend and her dr, who thank god I know, who basically told the other dr to shove it. 

Amazing how when another dr says she’s not suicidal people are out to get her they listen, but when I say it I was told my opinion didn’t matter, the dr even walked out of the room on me at that point. Asshole. If I was suicidal that would have tipped me over, as it was I wanted to bash that dr’s head in. He even talked down to my family as if they were children.

So long story short, I’m off work on vacation this week, I’m quitting that job and I still have my other. I also need to see if I can transfer or sue at this point, because this is crap.

It got the other guy talking to me again…I don’t feel this is a good thing though. He shouldn’t be in my life anymore and I know this. It might make things worse for us both.

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