Day 162 – Defienbunker

Saturday, August 6th 2016

So about yesterday, I’m just gonna skip the explanation cause I rather not dwell in that, I was just tired and already sad from shows, sooo I was overreacting.

Anyway, today we visited the Diefenbunker with Kohai! I haven’t seen her in so long and we had fun. I gave her a book from our trip to the creation museum along with some chocolate and Polaroid pictures of Sherlock, Luna and the Sorting Hat that I drew as a late birthday present. We had fun and I saw stuff I didn’t get to see before.

Other than that, played on the server a little and we had an event, but it was more chance than competition, so it isn’t the most interesting thing.

We watched the Empty Child (Doctor Who) and I totally forgot that Jack was a con artist. I actually like him more because of that. I like villains, even though like he said, he’s more of a criminal than villain. 

That’s all for today.

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