I’ve gotten so used to downloading music for free that it’s unbelievably annoying to have all this new music cost like, two yuan a song. Which is actually just how many cents USD, but STILL it used to be FREE. It used to be that every song was free to stream and download, but now ninety percent of music needs to be paid for, and that just sucks so bad. I know it’s only fair to the artists that they get paid, but really, it still sucks for people like me, who are really unwilling to pay for music. Which is illegal in the US but. Like. Anyway.

I used to use a Chinese music-streaming app on my phone called QQMusic, which is owned by the same company that owns Tencent QQ (Chinese networking/social media/chat thing), but now it looks really ugly and it’s gotten all slow and hard to use, so I decided to try out another streaming service. I found one called 网易云音乐, and so far, it’s really easy to use and very minimalistic, which is great. Music from people like Taylor Swift, and really recently-released music, is still not free to stream or download, but that’s fine, because I’m a loser and I don’t listen to a lot of really new songs anyway. I don’t know if this is going to be easy to use in Texas, but I think it should work fine, because even QQMusic can be used in other countries, you just can’t download the app there.

I just want to download some songs that I like listening to when I’m writing late at night. Some Troye, some Young Summer, some CHVRCHES. At night, I can’t listen to stuff like Paramore or Arctic Monkeys, because their songs seem so criminally LOUD, and the lyrics constantly distract me. So I listen to quieter, dreamier things. I really love dream pop and synthpop, especially when I’m trying to go to sleep, because the lyrics are always so mesmerizing and they make me all drowsy. Hehe, I write better when I’m so tired I’m basically sleep-typing–because for some reason, I sound really natural and I come up with these really nice metaphors and weird shit like that.

Anyway, I’ve got my suitcase all packed and ready. I don’t have a lot to pack, which sounds kind of sad, but then again, I’ve never been one of those people with excessive amounts of “stuff” to bring everywhere. The duffel is still kinda heavy (or maybe I’m really just that weak because my wrists are about as thick as…um…well, they’re not as thick as normal ones should be because I never ever work out (because sweating is gross ewwww)(haha just kidding)(actually kinda not))

That’s all for to–oh whoops, that’s Observant Bystander’s line. Have a good day wherever you are, and stay chill.

2 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. I use a “YouTube to MP3” converter to download all of my favorite songs 🙂 (You can also use MP4 format to download YouTube videos)

  2. I have a YouTube to mp3 converter as well that works sooo well. It’s illegal, but a lot of people do it so it’s not reinforced. I feel bad for the artists, but the amount of music I listen to would cost me hundreds of dollars and I don’t have that kind of money. Once I get on my computer I’ll link the converter in our email, the only problem is that VEVO you need premium, so try finding another video of the same song that isn’t VEVO.

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