Well today seriously sucks. I was put mowing my back yard this morning when my crappy lawn mower decided to die. It’s died on me before but I was able to get it fixed thanks to my brother. Well I tried to do what he did to fix it again to no avail. While trying to fix it a fucking wasp decided to sting me in my left ankle ugh!! I’ve never been stung by a wasp before, if fucking hurts!!!! Needless to say my Sunday sucks and is ruined ugh. 

So I said screw it and gave up on the lawn mower, came in and showered. I really need to work on school but I’m just not motivated blah. Thankfully this week isn’t too bad for school but I know if I procrastinate too much longer I’ll regret it. I don’t want to get behind and definitely don’t want Master to get upset with me for putting school off. I’ll get to working on it in a little while. 

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