I’m in love but I don’t know what will happen.

I have a very strong history with pushing people that I get romantically close with away. 

I also have a very strong relationship with people online, all over the world. 

Months ago, I fell for a boy that lived across the country, and he fell for me. Naturally, when the feelings we had began to be expressed, I pushed him away and didn’t talk to him for months. 

A couple months ago, we started talking again and were on the same page. We’re now together.

Love in both of our families aren’t shown, so loving each other we found very unexpected.

We’re both of age, which makes everything 100% easier in my opinion.

But he does live far away, and I’ve ran into a few complications.

I’m unsure on how to tell my parents of our relationship in fear of their reaction to a long distance relationship (on top of him being 3 years older). I fear they wont trust him in being who he says he is, even though I do.

As for the future, I’m thinking two years of university then possibly transferring to a uni near him to move with him, if it works out that way. But I’m unsure.

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