It is okay!

After such a long time I got to do something in which I am interested as hell!

I hope my minor research works! Although I want to go in medical, I do like doing something creative for people around me. 

Anybody hardly believes me here after my one failure. I don’t even want to please those people now!

When I need  them the most they hate me the most but when they have somework to be done, I become the Royal Princess.

It’s bad you know when you love them so much but all they do is to point out your failures everytime and make you feel miserable. But I can’t do anything about it and I seriously don’t want to. 

I just want to go away, start working on my dreams and die working hard for my career. Although I like reasearching and creating new stuff I have my dreams polar opposite to this.

I never imagined that they would be hating me so much for failing. But they did! 

I feel so broken inside and I can’t do anything about it!

I told him about my experiment and the college research program and he just walked off like I was joking something. Is that what a father should do ?

Anyways I want to do it and I am going to do it! 

I am feeling sad for no support from my dad but I and my friend will complete the project!.




2 thoughts on “It is okay!”

  1. Well Hello there .. well it feels same!! No support, no’s like you want to do something but your society won’t help .. all I could say.. well find your way back to your dreams and follow it! Have a nice day

  2. Ya thank you for understanding.
    If you are going through the same then I would say to follow your dreams too ☺

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