Need to update so here goes.  Saw PA before chemo last week and not regular doctor.  This was actually ok because I felt a little less intimidated when I asked questions.  So question #1.  Scan said there was no sign of cancer but doctor said I wasn’t in remission.  Answer  I don’t know why that was said.  Question #2.  What happens at the end of this maintenance program.  Answer  We like to give quality of life and want you to have time where you don’t have to worry about coming to chemo or thinking about chemo.  Question #3 How often will I have scans.  Answer  About every 6 months.  Question #4 I know I have blood work before every chemo session.  Will it tell you if something is going on.  Answer  No other than maybe elevated liver functions.  Question #5 How will you know if something is going on.  Answer  We will be depending on you to tell us of any changes any new pains.  Question #6 So the scan shows no cancer.  Answer  It shows no cancer masses.  The scan will only pick up masses of cancer cells but there still could be individual cancer cells floating around.  Question #7 I had a cadiac echo but thought I was supposed to have my thyroid checked.  Answer  As my records were checked indeed I was supposed to have my thyroid checked.  That check is now on the calendar.  

I keep going online and reading about my symptoms.  Not getting a good response.  I need to stop doing that and remain focused on what I have to do and that is be the bigger one who WILL beat this. 

Thanks again to everyone who is keeping me in their prayers.  I believe it is working.  I have overcome so much so far.   Accordingly what I have achieved thus far is rare to happen.  So let me keep this fight going. 

How am I feeling.  Weak, tired same aches and pains.  Definitely can’t move like I used to and I don’t like that at all.  Well it’s what you have to give up I guess.  My motto KEEP THE FIGHT GOING. 


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  1. I am so glad to see your journal entry — you’ve been gone a long time, or else I just missed it somehow. That’s wonderful that the scan showed no cancer masses! You are going to WIN, my dear! Thinking of you, with prayers.

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