Today I learnt that…

So today was a long day. A really exhausting one as well. Learning is a hard and tiring process- academics stuff and otherwise. So here goes my lessons of the day.

1. Emotions are lot to deal with. But they are (apparently) worth it. 

There has got to be some reason people still have emotions and haven’t gotten rid of them right? So maybe I should start on the journey of rediscovering those hidden emotions. But I’m not sure how to start that journey. Maybe I should just start having more heart-to-hearts with the family. Yeah. That should help. I seem okay with having hthts with my friends, so this shouldn’t be that hard right? Well I hope it wont be too bad. Even though they can be more judgemental and controlling then my friends are, which is why I’m closer to my friends that family in the first place. But hopefully I’ll get over. (Yeah, this plan actually does sound good. Now to carry it out. Hmmm)

2. I need to plan out my time more accurately.

I have learnt this lesson over and over again so many times but I can’t seem to get my planning right. Someone help me gdi. (hello friends if y’all have suggestions, please comment them I seriously need help finals are getting closer and closer gahhh)

3. I need to find motivation so that I can keep working.

In the last 10 years of my school years, I haven’t found a single thing to motivate me. And because of that, I can’t seem to keep working constantly and I end up getting distracted very very very easily. So my productivity level each day is really low 🙁 So the sooner I find this motivation, the better cause I need to seriously up my game. (note to self: MUST BE AHEAD OF CLASS) 

4. I need to figure out how to get the mumsters off my back. 

So now that Mumster 2.0 is speaking to me again, that means she’ll be on my case to get me to study and control my life and do things the way she wants it. And honestly, I HATE it. I’m 17 for god’s sake. Please someone tell me how to get them off my back. I crave the freedom that my friends have so badly. need that freedom. Gosh someone please tell me how to get them offfff. GAH. 

So that’s all for today. Goodnight folks. See y’all tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start. A great day to start working on my dreams. (and hopefully do something related to those in the future. Cause these 9-5 jobs are definitely not for me. I need to start asap. so much to doooo gah)

p.s. Lin-Manuel is  a great inspiration. He’s amazing. And he followed his dreams. Follow your dreams and one day, you might get to where you want to be too. He worked so hard on his dreams. You need to do it too. Don’t lose this chance. Go for it. 

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  1. Alas, I have no useful suggestions that can help you with your motivation or your time-planning (because I’m a horrible procrastinator who tells herself she STILL HAS TIME to study when finals are one week away) but I would just like to say, good luck with everything from your heart-to-hearts (those can be freaking hard) and your exams.

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