Those fix-it men finished on Saturday.  I had to ask them if there were going to put caulking behind and to the side of the new sink that they put in.  There was a gap from the sink to the wall and normally I know this is filled in with caulking. That is the way it was done in my other bathroom.  The older man said, “Oh you want that to be done?”  Should he have asked, shouldn’t he know that it was supposed to be done to finish off the work.

They also didn’t put anything between the tile and my carpet, there was a gap where water could get into when I would mop the bathroom.  I asked if they could fill that in. He said, “You seem very worried all the time about water damage, don’t you.”  I worry that water can get under the tiles, and or carpet and create mold, and I am highly allergic to 4 kinds of mold.

I saw my neighbor outside today working in his yard and I asked him to come over and look at my bathroom.  I asked if there was any way I could pay him to fix it.  This man had added a new room onto his house years ago and I figure he must have textured the walls  in the process.  He said he could help me.  

I told him that my son gave me his sander and he wanted me to sand all the walls down. This man said, “No don’t do that, it will create a big mess for you and cause more problems. If you sand it and don’t completely wipe off the dust off the walls then when you texture it again and paint, the paint won’t adhere to the walls.

He right away started scraping the beams. He said he could tell right away the texture material was not even dry underneath. He said they put on so much paint it just filled in those groves creating more clumps and even the paint underneath was gummy.

He worked for 2 hours today and he had to quit to go to a doctors appointment.  He will come back and work again tomorrow.  I don’t care how long it takes him I know that he will get it done and he seems to know what he is doing.

My neighbor used to do cement work all his life. He used to live in the Los Angeles area and he even did cement work for some of the movie stars like Dick Van Dyke, and Lucy.

Several years ago when I designed my backyard I had this neighbor do all the cement work.  I used to have cobblestone walkways throughout the yard but it was so hard to keep the weeds under control in those areas. I was pulling weeds every night.

I removed the cobblestones and slate from the areas and he poured cement and etched the cement to look like cobblestones.  It is beautiful. Last year I had him pour a whole new area of cement in the front of the house and now I have a little table and chairs in the area and I can sit out front and have coffee and read my book.  I love it.

I know this man could have done my whole bathroom remodel but I didn’t ask him because he is cutting back on doing hard jobs.  He is in his mid 70’s and his health of late has not been the best.  I asked him if he is sure that he can tackle this job and he said it was easy. This job does not require him to do any heavy lifting, tugging or pulling.

I told my brother that when that other fix-it man was here he saw my dogs and asked me where they slept at night, he said, “Do they sleep with you?’  My brother said he never should have asked that.  

The man also said to me twice last week, “What do you do all day, do you just sit around this house all day.”  I didn’t feel he deserved an answer to this question either, it is none of his business what I do with my time.

 Normally I go to the gym, take a walk, go to town and either shop or hang out with friends.  I had to stay in my home the whole time these men were working because I never leave my house open to strangers when I have construction work done.   

Two years ago I was wanting my other bathroom done.  I had called this same fix-it man to ask him if he does bathroom remodel. I never even met him because my youngest brother brought over one of his painters that knew how to do remodel and this man fixed my other bathroom.

The fix-it man remembered that I had called him long ago and he asked me, “Why didn’t you ever call me back, and was it this bathroom that we worked on that you had wanted fixed,” I lied, I told him that yes that was the same bathroom that I had called him about 2 years ago but that I just ran out of money to start the project.  I didn’t feel he needed to know the real reason.  Why did he need to bring that up in the first place.  

Before the man left on Saturday he turned and said, “If you need anything else done be sure to call me.”  When he left I threw his phone number away. He will never get a call from me. 




  1. What an awful mess! At least now it is fixed and you can relax a little. I’m glad it’s over with, for your sake. Your yard sounds beautiful with the faux cobblestones and the little reading area! I hope things will go smoothly now for you. Blessings to you!

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