Day 163 – Moderator

Sunday, August 7th 2016

So I woke up not going to church, because I was tired of yesterday and I needed a shower. I decided to sleep in a little, even though I knew I’d have more problem sleeping later cause I’ve been struggling to sleep as of late except for yesterday because of the walking around, causing me a little of restless leg syndrome which is so annoying, but I felt like I should just give myself a treat. Woke up, ate eggs my dad made, got dressed, tried to do a Bible study, but I didn’t know what to study, so I ended up just praying, then went on the Minecraft Pixelmon server. I helped out and suddenly one the owners said “guess what?” so I said “uh” to start guessing and saw my rank name was moved up from JrMod to Moderator! So now I have a lot more responsibilities to do.

I had to walk my dog at some point and he hid from me under the table, cause he doesn’t like his leash (the one that you have to put around his torso so it doesn’t hurt his neck). I played “okay fine, then we won’t go” with him and sat on the couch, then started to wonder why he wasn’t coming out, cause he doesn’t like the leash I know that, but he never says no to walks. Eventually he came out though.

A guy on the server built a flying gym and I told him I did already. I gave him some tips on how to build after seeing his. He seems to have the interior fine, but his combination of blocks need a lot of work, as well as he needs more detail. I also gotta build a couple of houses for the owner, since when she posted a picture I told her I already built it (it’s a medieval house I often see on Google that I built in the past) and so she told me to build that one and a bigger one. I don’t mind, I like building and helping, so it’s my pleasure.

Also played a little of Dead by Daylight alone and I seem to be getting better! We opened the door, but I died alone, so I took one for the team.

I gotta work on my portfolio tomorrow. I haven’t all summer.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Try reading Philippians. I think you’ll find this book full of beautiful and true words. So glad you’re studying the Bible and praying. Bless you!

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