Last day in NYC

8:18 PM at LaGuardia Airport, I came to airport too early and my flight got delayed for over an hour. The delay time is keeps getting longer. I should’ve stayed in the city longer and do something rather than killing time here at airport…

Today, I had horrible hang over in the morning from pub crawl last night but no regrets. Got up early enough to go out grab a breakfast at the Korean place next to the hotel. Then Sunday skate for 12 miles. It was a very smilier routes as last year but still lots of fun. Met some more new people while skating and back to hotel around 12 PM. Checked out at 1 PM and walked around lower Manhattan little bit then took an uber to east village to meet up with Jessica and Phil. Had a lunch with them and chat for couple hours before we headed over to LGA. Gaelle and I came here together for the flight to Chicago but only my flight got delayed just like last time when I came New York. Another hour to kill 🙁

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