Making ends meet

You know, we all have many different ways we can look for jobs nowadays. On the Internet, in the newspaper, flip through magazines, check out local social media pages, maybe actually go out and about to potential employers, yeah, I am sure many of us know the multiple ways we can look for jobs. 

And because I have doctors appointments and other miscellaneous appointments coming up these next few weeks due to recent health issues, I may just be a little busy, but guess what? I still have hours I could be putting in at another job. Because in this world, WHO doesn’t struggle (other than those who are loaded with money)? Well, you know what? I decided since I have been busy with house chores today, that I would ask around for specific jobs that are hiring for part time-temporary just so I can have a little extra income for gas money.

Now, I’ll tell ya what, people have NO right to judge others without knowing ANYTHING about their situation/life. Guess what? Money has been tight for me lately, especially with two loans, paying all my bills by myself, and not having ANYONE to fall on. I already owe my parents previous money for borrowing from them, plus my boyfriend as well. Again, sometimes money gets hard, and I don’t do any extra shopping. I pay all my basic bills *heat/gas, water, electric, Internet (as I plan on returning to college), rent, the basic bills you know*. If I want to look for a second job, then guess what? I will. And I will by being smart. I will do it MY way, and I DO NOT need bitch ass crybabies commenting on my Facebook post about how if I don’t have time, then I don’t have time for a second job. All I can say is this: don’t be so fucking disrespectful to others you don’t even know because you have NO idea what others are going through! I go to work for my full time 40 hours a week job at 4 pm, leave by 3 pm, and guess what? I am free those mornings! I could find a job that I could work some hours in the morning before I go to my full time job! I just need to make a little bit of extra income as I am the ONLY person working in my house (as I live alone), pay all my damn bills myself, and I am a very independent person and I will tell you what…I HATE asking my parents and boyfriend for money because I owe them money right now! Sometimes bills are a little too high, or maybe I don’t have gas money this week until I get paid again (and I already know my paycheck will be gone as soon as it gets deposited because I have bills to pay!). It is just the fact that, if you’re going to be helpful, then be helpful. If I am looking for places that are hiring part time, then don’t come at me saying all this bullshit towards me. (For example, someone told me a place is hiring currently, and I have had multiple friends work there that have quit because of their bosses, and I have also heard many bad reviews about the place, and I work 40 hours at my other job, and I really don’t want to work at a place, even if it is part time, where it has bad reviews because all that screams at me is STRESS. I am not being picky whatsoever, but I have a lot of patience and tolerance for people, but when I am trying to better myself just by a little bit, you fucking better know this: I will work my fucking ass off because I was taught to work hard for what I want. And right now, I want to just have a little bit of extra income to have gas money to get myself from point A to point B. And I am going to push myself, and not give up because I know how to find a job, and I certainly do not need any two-faced bitches in my face (again, who don’t even know me on any level) getting on my case on how I want to look for potential jobs.

Like I said. Everyone struggles. And guess what? I am struggling. Even with a full time job, I struggle to make ends meet.  But I am going to work my ass off to make those ends meet just a little bit closer than they normally do. 

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