The Day I Met Him – A Blast From The Past to Heal My Soul

I was in such a bad mood that day. It was one of the worst days in my job history for me. I was so defeated that day. My brother asked me to please get on home center server and do my job there since we had so many new people. We’d just took in an entire tribe by the name of Pop.  I was frustrated and mad, but I got on for him. The Twin asked me if I was ready to meet the new guys. I told her no. I didn’t want to meet a bunch of kids that were just gonna shit talk me for temporarily demoting them.  She party jumped to explain everything since the new guys just got done taming a giga. I just went about my business ranking things. Ranking things and making the tribe hate me while the rest of the server liked me.. That’s my job. 

Alpha. Beta. Apprentice. Initiate. Grounded.

Then once I was done with the ranking system and I promoted everyone to apprentice. Someone in the tribe said I misspelled something. All I could do was the squinty eyes. What was my brain saying at that time? “Hey minute. I like that name. I don’t know why. But I like it. Wait. What? I misspelled something? Bull shit. I didn’t misspell a da… *checks manager log* Oh well that’s a thing. Ok there nice name guy. Touché you win. “


I changed the name I misspelled. Noooooo body saw that. Except Mr. Nice Name guy.

Mr. Nice Name – She cares so much for our rank that she misspelled it.

Me – Haha kid, you’re cute.

Mr. Nice Name – Awe thank you

Redemoted Mr. Nice Name to grounded for smart ass comment and giggle about it.

Me – Trollololol

Mr. Nice Name bolad me and laughed about it. I just sat there till I could get back up.

Smile a little and unground Mr. Nice Name.


He was probably internally raging while I was giggling. He doesn’t know it but he definitely made me laugh on one of my worst days.


I spent the rest of the time I was on that server collecting fiber and what not for the kibble I was going to make then I got off for the night. The next day I logged on to find the only thing missing on my body was the fiber. I legit raged over that missing fiber. I told them in tribe chat that if I caught people stealing stuff off other’s bodies I’d kick them out of my tribe with no questions asked. If anyone had a problem with it I could kick them too.


The significance of the missing fiber? It was petty. But here it goes. The first time we were on a center server together we had a decent base made. It wasn’t perfect, but it was nice. The brother made kibble for a bird. Drakco did and I did. They used theirs (but I don’t leave the base alone because I get lost so easily) My kibble came up missing. Someone else suddenly had a bird. No complaints though. I just made more kibble. It came up missing someone else had a bird. No complaints. Just make more kibble, and let everyone know I’m planning on getting myself a bird. Kibble came up missing, and there was a new bird. No complaining. We switched servers. Whatever no big deal. New server. I went through 3 sets of kibble there to. And I tamed all the damn dodos. The day we got raided the brother yelled at everyone for complaining about stuff being missing. (My spy glass is gone. My pick is gone. My hatchet is gone) He finally got pissed and said “Viv’s kibble is gone and you don’t hear her complaining. She’s made 6 or 7 sets of kibble for all yalls birds in hopes someone will help her. But no yall just take her shit and then complain about stuff coming up missing” Yea that was a brudder moment. 


But anyways. The fiber coming up missing was one of those “I guess Viv just isn’t allowed to have a damn bird” Which is probably the main reason brother tamed me a bird in the first place. 


Then He messaged me. (Mr. Nice Name) He didn’t have to. But He did. He offered to help me get my missing things back. I didn’t want to tell Him that it was just fiber. It sounded like a silly thing to be upset about when talking to Him. I was happy that He messaged me though. I liked Him even more then because He were making an effort to talk to me. That made me so happy. 


A few days later I logged in and found someone in our tribe going through everyone’s bodies and taking gear off them. I grounded him and locked him in a room in hopes to recover the tribe mates missing things.  After everything was done I messaged Mr. Nice Name. Then after a second thought I figured I needed to message all of Pop. Not just the one I liked. So I did. Then I wanted to give Him a better explanation then what I did through xbox message. He said there was no need because someone already beat me to it. I’m not going to lie, I was jealous when He said someone had already explained it to Him. I just wanted to be able to message Him easier then on Xbox smart glass. Do I normally add new people straight into the Facebook chat? No not normally. But I offered it to Him because I wanted to know Him. Haha I’m horrible, right? Then I got Him into that chat. He talked here and there. But not often.

The Coffin elders held a meeting and we decided that everyone in the tribe needed to be bumped down to the initiate rank till we got to know one another. We didn’t want another incident to happen with someone stealing everyone’s things. I logged on and ranked everyone that we didn’t know from home server down to initiate.  I was so happy I had Him on Facebook. I noticed Him log in right away. (That whole nice name thing popped up across my screen, then again to tell me He logged off) I knew you were upset about the initiate thing. I hadn’t told anyone about it yet. I wasn’t expecting any of them to log on at the time. So of course I messaged Him privately right away. I was honestly just hoping He’d be one of those guys that would stick it out. I had never planned on demoting Him in the first place. He’d helped so much and already had 3 admins going to bat for Him. But in the end it was decided that it wasn’t fair if we didn’t demote Him too. I hated doing it. I was extremely happy that He agreed to stick it out and I smiled when I saw Him log in again. We talked more and more through private chat. He was more talkative privately then in a group. He just made me smile. A lot. I watched Him daily grinding with no complaining. And I pointed that out to the others probably more often then I should have.

THEN! My sissy came back. That was a bad thing. We decided to do a metal run. That should not have been a thing. Haha. Yea we can’t do those. I can’t even do those with the Twin. Us girls are not allowed to do things together without supervision. The sister flew over a base that caused us to lag hard. Sister lagged right out of the server. And there I was sitting on an ank. On a quetzal. At the end of the ramp. In the air. Over an enemy base. *sigh* I gathered up my courage and prepared to dismount and try and land on the platform. *deep breath* *Deep breath* Nope. I lagged out the moment I went to click the button to dismount. I fell to my death as my sister logged back in. We had allies there watching our quetzal. I lost my mastercraft sickle (which the brother gave me to borrow). I lost my clothes. I lost everything. Eventually the sister and I managed to get our naked butts home. With a safe quetzal, ank, and our gathered metal. Mr. Nice Name met us outside to help us get the ank into the base even though it was weighed down. He laughed at us for running around naked. I told him “Well this is why I need supervision! I can’t ark alone!”

He said, “We’ll with that wardrobe. I’ll gladly be your supervisor.”


He became my partner then. We did everything together. Metal runs. Poly runs. CP runs. We tamed together. We were often in a party chat alone together too. Much to the dislike of other tribe mates. We went on dates. Our first date was on ark. We went to the cold area to find 150 wolves to tame for ourselves. It was the best date I’d ever been on. It was actually one of my first actual dates. We collected pelt together to make clothes. Then we took the time to dye them. Then we took off on argents to find our wolves. We eventually settled for a 145 female for me which I named Titania; and a 145 male for Him which He named Leo.

We’d go out every morning on Leo and Titania and gather meat for the tames together.


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