Going through life feeling jaded
Thinking love was overrated
My lust was never sated
I was always aggravated

Now my poetry is in motion
My mind vast just like an ocean
Gone is my repulsion
At those who have devotion

I find myself smiling for no reason
Yeh my heart is committing treason
So tempting with his teasing
Slays me like it’s open season

My heart’s gone into overdrive
I’ve remembered I’m alive
Going through the motions just to survive
But for him I want to thrive

Self-imposed seclusion
My heart was an illusion
Now he’s caused a deep contusion
With his flawless execution

Gets me so hot sweat drips in pools
I’m burning up but nothing cools
Want him to bend me like his rules
And crown me with the royal jewels

A chance for love to redeem
What it split apart at the seam
To take a chance and dream
To live for a love supreme

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