Can’t Give Up

Yes I know inside his mind it’s twisted and dark
But I can still see him, it’s not dulled the spark
He can try to douse it but the flame isn’t dying
He can pull away but I’ll keep on trying
I made it quite clear how much that I cared
So he’s got demons, I’m not running scared
At times I wish I had never begun to feel
But I won’t go back, the feelings are too real
I think there is more to it than meets the eye
And I flat out refuse to sit idly by
A part of me no one else could touch
He found a way in, that means so much
I get inspired by his resilience
I’m blown away by his brilliance
It may seem that I’m going in blind
I know the reality, at least in my mind
Gonna stay in the ring no matter the cost
Cos it’s better to have loved, even if it’s lost

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