Day 164 – Time Lord

Monday, August 8th 2016

Today wasn’t the most interesting. I got up early, went on the server, finished building for the owner, played Dead by Daylight, watched the stream of the co-owner for a while, made myself a Twitch username to go with my future YouTube username (it was taken, so I did two variations of nicknames for it together), walked the dog, played Dead by Daylight a lot and broadcasted it, then watched Doctor Who and we are now at the 10th Doctor, my favourite. “Barcelona”.

Speaking about Doctor Who, I always struggled to find myself a good Time Lord, or in this case, Time Lady title. I like The Guardian, for guarding the Earth, but The Traveller sounds amazing, especially when someone says it, The Hunter allows you to have a human name cause Hunter is actually a name, The Animator sounds powerful since it seems you animate history and because I want to become an animator, The Professor gives you that wise and knowledgeable background… There’s so many, I don’t know which I would pick. Do Time Lords pick their titles or are given them? I have to Google that.

That’s all for today.

Edit : I used a title generator for my name and tried it twice to make sure if isn’t random, but it gave me “The Collector” or Vandar. Not a fan of that one. I tried Kohai’s name and she got “The Optimist”. I tried to shorten my first name and I got “The Historian” which is pretty cool, to a certain extent, also Trydoll which no thanks.

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