Hearing Voices from Doing EVP : cont…

“When spirits begin to speak with a man he ought to beware that he believes nothing whatever from them; for they say almost any thing. Things are fabricated by them and they lie.”

                                                                          – Emanuel Swedenborg

                                                                              (1688 – 1772)


    The evil / malevolent spirits that intruded into my life about a year and a half ago now, ever since I foolishly opened the door to them by briefly dabbling with EVP have many means of trickery and deception that they use to instill dread, panic and fear in those whom they oppress.  The following are just some of the cunning means of manipulation and antics that I have observed from these particular malevolent spirits that oppress me, from their “bag of tricks”.

  They know every little detail about you and will attempt to make you feel horrible and ashamed by the sins, faults, and mistakes you’ve made in your life. They exaggerate everything to an extreme degree and will make it seem like this is not normal at all, that you alone deserve to be singled out for punishment for your actions. They will attempt to make you feel useless and not worthy of release from this torment, saying that you deserve all of this punishment in an attempt to break you down both mentally and spiritually.

  They will play along with your own thoughts and ponderings about the situation that you find yourself in. Whenever I contemplated on the situation, thinking about what was happening and what it all meant,  thinking that it held this meaning or that, I would often hear a voice say “Exactly” or “you’re on the right track.”  By the sheer number of times I’ve heard them playing along with this, I must have figured out the secrets of the Universe many times over by now. They will also say obscure things like “you’re doing the right thing, but for the wrong reasons”  or vice versa, but they will never elaborate on this, sowing confusion is their forte.

   They will try to shame you by making it seem like your particular situation is a big deal on the other side, that spot lights (so to speak) and all eyes are upon you, that all of the spirits in the after life are aware of what’s happening to you and watching the situation closely to try and get your frozen by the anxiety of this. In my own situation, I would often hear how beautiful spirits have been praying for me but I was doing this or that to screw things up.

They will play numerous games regarding their identity.  One day they will claim that they are not human spirts, but then the next day, all of a sudden, you’ll hear them say that they are human spirits, and so they’ll keep switching it up, back and forth.  This switching things around is one of their favorite mind games and they employ it in allot of different ways.

They will threaten you, and to a degree, they can cause physical discomfort on your body, but they will make it seem like this is just a small taste, that they are going to take your spirit. With me, they would often threaten me with an execution date. I would often hear “you’re execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning”, but then the morning would come and go and nothing ever happened…..just more lies.

 They do not run in retreat from the mere sight of religious symbols or names (contrary to what is seen in allot of movies), what they do is use your personal spiritual or religious beliefs against you, again, by stating that you are unworthy of divine assistance, that you are a terrible sinner, etc… etc…they will always find an angle from which to fabricate some mind game for them to play upon you.

it’s best to reassure yourself of your own personal spiritual or religious beliefs and not let them effect them in any way, (in a sense, block them out of it completely) because it becomes terribly obvious after some experience is gained that practically everything that they say is a lie.

 Once their mind games no longer have much effect, (once you stop believing  them and take everything you hear from them with a grain of salt) they turn to other tactics that are more geared towards causing you as much annoyance and aggravation as possible. They are fond of repeating phrases or statements over and over again, sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks on end even….they get these phrases into your head so that even if they disappeared all of a sudden, you’re still be hearing this nonsense over and over again like some song you just can’t get out of your head. Again, they know everything about how the human mind works and they are masterful at finding ways to exploit our human weaknesses.



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  1. I fully agree. They are master tricksters and liars. Of course many of the things they say are true which is how they get you to listen to them. But then truth is twisted and augmented. For them fear is food so they will do anything to make you terrified…. They feed off of it. It is important to not feed them. Don’t be afraid!

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