Feels Good

Today has been a good day! I finished all my school work for the week and Master was pleased. He was pleased and proud of me for getting it all done early. He rewarded me for being so good! He had me pick 2 numbers between 1-10…I chose 2 & 5. I was to write a 2 on one breast and 5 on the other, put on my clamps, edge 5 times, then was allowed to cum twice. 

I wasn’t allowed to take the clamps off until I edged 5 times. I was only able to edge 3 times then had to stop for about 30-45 minutes. Then I was able to edge 2 more times and was finally able to take the clamps off, ouch! Immediately after removing the clamps I got off twice! Omg it felt soooooo good! All my sexual tension just exploded out! 

Later in the day Master had a task for me that involved clothes pins. I was to use all the pins I had and clamp them on my crotch and boobs, as many as I could get on each area. Oh boy did that hurt! Once on I was to send him a pic, presenting myself for his inspection and enjoyment. I thought they hurt going on but man did they hurt even more coming off! 

All in all the day was a good day! Feels good to be ahead in school, feels good to please Master, and really feels good to please myself hehe 😈

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