Fucked Up

I let the drama ensnare me
I let my rage impair me
Why did I let this begin
I knew it wasn’t right
But I got lost in the fight
I could not let this bitch win
My common sense began to cloud
No longer would this shit be allowed
Then I said things that weren’t mine to say
Of course I know better
No reason to sweat her
Still I was blind to the price I could pay
Of my deeds he was told
His words left me cold
My bad, I totally own it
Apologized for all that I said
I made it, I’ll lay in the bed
Couldn’t expect him to condone it
He held my heart clenched in his fist
With each word gave the knife a twist
I felt like I had been gutted
Had I destroyed what we built
I was drowning in my guilt
No way I could have rebutted
When we spoke the next day
He said that we were okay
Yet I’m still incredibly shaken
I felt completely lost
When I thought of the cost
My rash words could have taken

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