Journal Entry #20 (Wth is wrong with everyone?)

Hi, it’s me again. Sorry for the long wait, it’s so hard forcing myself to come here and post. I’m using a phone so it takes an hour to type an approx 30 second read.

But I’m mad. Big surprise right? I’m mad at someone. I obviously can’t say who. Or talk about the circumstance. They’ll know.

What I can talk about is this: Why is everyone so frickin moody all the time? I know, I say that but here I am all mad and stuff. But I wasn’t like this when I woke up this morning.

Today was actually going good. I finally took a shower, mopped my room (this wasn’t the good part lol), and had a small but delicious breakfast. But….I log onto RPR (RPRepository. You can google it if you want to see what I’m referring to.) and of course, my mood plummets.

Why? Why can’t we all….just be…happy? Hap…happy…

It’s frustrating…

Please? For me?

Why must we be sad and angry all the time? I never thought this would happen but I hate going to the chat now. No, hate’s a strong word. I don’t mean that…do I?

Whatever it is, I want to stay away from RPR. But I can’t. Because I love my friends too much and can’t stay away from them. Andddddd….now I feel guilty about this entire entry. I’m sure as soon as I go back that will change, but for now….

Urghhhh I didn’t say what I wanted to: My friends and other users on the site are sad a lot and it affects me mentally (I get stressed from the unhappiness and tension) and I want to help them with everything but I can’t because I’m too stupid to understand anything and I always end up saying the wrong things and making them angry…..Ksjspsskshsksksks!!!

There’s no rest for the moody, so I’ve gotta go.

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