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I used to keep an online journal years back on a website…it was called my dear diary.. had a great time “venting”  “reflecting”  believe it or not “learning”.. cant afford healthcare much anymore so this will be my affordable therapy.. releasing into a journal.

Im 49.. years old  and in October I hit the Fifty year mark.  to make a young person understand.. imagine you are trying to get online and your data limit has been a big omg.. while im told that I don’t look my age.. I often “feel it ” and having nine grand children.. yeah I feel it..

I have two daughters one is 29 and the other one is turning 32 next month.. night and day as far as comparisons go.. cause there are no comparisons..

i”ll refer to them as night and day… day is the 29 year old .. and night is 32.. day has two children and night has seven..

I also have two dogs.. one is 2 years old a boston mix with Chihuahua.. yeah shes full of herself  and another Chihuahua I rescued from the humane society last year his name is bear and he is 11 years old.. his family gave him up after ten years .. claiming their new baby was allergic.. I think it was more of a responsibility issue and that they now didn’t have the time for bear like before baby came..

either way I rescued bear.. I could tell he was depressed.. and well my Zoey needed a friend and here we are..

will I ever do the two dog thing again?  probably not.. its a lot of work… and I cant go on trips like I would like to having two dogs to think about.. and juggle..

but you live and learn.. and each day that I wake up.. im determined to learn something new..

im very outspoken.. and a lot of times it gets me in trouble.. but I have been through a lot of shit in life and to made it this far.. im gonna say what I have to say when I have to say it..

for now this is my intro page…looking forward to many entries…  looking forward to reading many diaries as well. cause im nosey like that.. I don’t go out an socialize much cause I feel everyone is full of shit at some level or another.. and usually time reveals those levels.. *sigh*

their is no significant other in my world.. cant say there never was.. but there isn’t now.. and ill consider that a blessing for now… do I wish for that..?  sometimes..

well happy Tuesday…  be good to yourself and others…



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  1. I know what you mean about not being able to go places when you have two dogs. I have 2 pugs, they are brothers. I never regret getting them at the same time but I can’t and won’t leave them at a boarding place for dogs. At least the dogs are good company.
    I love the names night and day for your daughters. I don’t like to use my son’s real name on these sites so it’s easier to create a name like you did.
    Are both your kids now on their own? I only have one child, a son, and he is 33.

  2. hi grannie3 both kids are not completely on their own.. day ( 29 year old ) is doingher best and recently found a room mate situation.. I worry about her because she has seizures.. night child is currently on an air mattress in my living room with my son in law and their seven children are with the other grandmother for now..

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