Past that time

 I’m still up. Hi, hello. Some people are fine just burying their thoughts, honestly, I am not.


I just have no one I can really tell, without feeling judged. But oh well. This is my first entry, so let’s go!


I think about my past a whole lot. Sometimes I think that I’ve let go. Kinda, yeah. But I gotta say, those past “relationships” feel… Like there could have been more. Potential. Past. Yeah. Here’s the thing, what happened happened. We’ve grown, we learn. So I am curious. What are you like now? Are you curious too? Not of if we can BE. But just how you are, you know?

But let’s talk love. Back then I thought love was this mystical wonder that binds your soul to another, forever embracing each other. Yeah, cringy. Hormones, lust, and companionship.

Boring right?

My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me. Are you interested or are you afraid. Afraid of finding some one new. Who knows.

This is what goes on. This is what it’s been. This is the heart of my depression. 

Andrew. Ahh my bud. We were cool man. Well still are. Just want to say, beautiful son. I hope you and Melissa are doing alright. Even though its been 3ish or 4 years? You’re smart. I still think about the things we talked about. Friends of quality don’t come around too often.  But why didn’t you just tell me, man? I mean, deep down I knew you and Melissa would be cool together. But… You and Melissa went behind my back… Hm.


It’s for the best.




2 thoughts on “Past that time”

  1. Seems like there’s something oddly comforting about throwing our thoughts out into the void, huh? It’s okay to still be hurt, but don’t let it overwhelm your whole being

  2. I don’t. I think of it as mourning. Dread isn’t that stays with me. The people I talked about taught me to move on. And yeah, I like dumping my thoughts. Ill probably type on here more often. Thanks for the comment btw.

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