Strawberry Cupcakes With Sasha

Yesterday night, my friend Sasha came over to my house. I just came back from Italy, and it’s been 1 month since I’ve talked to her. I invited her over to my house immediately, like the moment I’ve stepped into my home. Obviously, she came like in 3 minutes. Lol, she lives 4 houses away from me. I would be really scared if she took longer than that XD Sasha and I have always been fans of baking, so we settled on making cute strawberry cupcakes for the neighborhood. I live in the beautiful side of New York, and my neighbors are really sweet. We came across these cupcakes through Pinterest and just cause they looked so darn adorable, me wanted to try and bake them. I made SUCH a huge mess in the kitchen. I did not want to clean it up, ugh. I frickin hate cleaning. The cupcakes turned out beautiful. The picture above is how the cupcakes turned out. Guess what? We ate all 12 of them and binge watched Game of Thrones. Yup…. That’s how it all went. Goddamn, those cupcakes turned out GOOD. I realllly need to bake more often. But i know im obviously not the only one who has a sweet tooth for cupcakes, yum. Sorry, I’m just rambling now. I will do that a lot. I might even make a whole journal of my rambling. I know, I’m one sexy weirdo who loves to eat cupcakes XD.

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