Tuesday, 8/9/16, Orlando International Airport 11:46am

I can’t believe I haven’t written for a week.  I’m not sure there’s any way I can remember what I did last Wednesday.  Maybe. Maybe that was the day that I had court at immigration all day. I rode my bike to work.  I got a two hour lunch and rode to Mouth of the South in Florence for lunch. The ride there was great. The ride back killed me.  Then I arrived early to NT to practice what I wanted to teach, hang an extra silk and re-tie some hammocks. Later that night I went to The Tap House for cheese curds and sweet potato fries.

Thursday: I ran errands in the morning. Took Gabe to get a haircut, went to NG, went to Kate D.’s because she made me a really good loaf of gf almond bread.  Then I met Matthew M. at UNO and we went to Voodoo Taco for lunch. Then I went home, packed, met with Belisia really quick and left for the airport.  I had a direct flight to Orlando, but just after we had all take our seats on the plane they pulled us all off because there was a tornado. Marti sent me a pic of the funnel cloud. I heard it was over Lake Manawa. 

I got into Orlando an hour late so Sarah and I didn’t get any time to enjoy the pool or hot tub at our airbnb, which was truly amazing.  Every amenity you can can imagine.  We got up Friday morning, ran to gas station and then went to Tree Trek for our adventure.  There were more people at this place than at any of the other aerial adventure parks I’ve been to before, which annoyed me at first but then we kind of made friends with everybody and it was fun.  We drove to a place for salads and then took the scenic route home. We drove some cute little towns. 

We went home and got Lauren and drove to Riverside to meet Ben for dinner at Black Sheep. Then we went to a brewery and played giant jenga. We went home and watched drunk history and then I had to pass out.

In the morning we drove to Savannah.  We got there around and one and found a place to eat lunch.  I had pickled shrimp. It wasn’t good. Then I found an online scavenger hunt. Gotta board my plane. More later.

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