Vacation =)

Funny how things can be when you travel away for a while. Everything seems to loosen up, no worries no anger or stress. Everything seems to be in perfect balance. We only travel once a year, but maybe some more travel is needed during a year. Me and my husband always talked about going away for a few days just me and him. Just to relax, get together as a couple, just being husband and wife to one and another – without any kids and dogs. I think it’s necessary in a stressful day, get to relax and just sit for a while and think. We dig our self down in daily work every day. Either it’s the house, the garden, the kids or our work where we spend lot of time during a day.

We’ve also talked about how important it is for our little girl to get away some, spend some time with people she knows, be on visit with other people she feel safe and happy with. It’s not because we want to have a day off, it’s for her, so she’s not bored when she has her vacation from daycare.

We were away for fourteen days, far away from our home. Rented a small house on the country side, went out shopping, sightseeing and driving around looking at all kind of stuff that interested us all. The weather was lovely, it was quite warm in fact. We enjoyed too soft beds, flies even mosquito, had a bunch of them up my legs, but hey it’s summer right?! =)

In all we had a great time, and I’m glad we all can do this but writing up we need to do it more. More traveling in the future!

Over&out ~L~ 

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  1. You sound so happy. It is always nice to be able to get away on a family vacation. But also it is nice when just you and your husband have time alone together. Every now and then you will need to plan date nights so you have time alone and maybe even a weekend away. I see how stressed my son and daughter-in-law get and I offer to babysit so they can have time alone.
    I bet you were so relaxed on that trip.

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