Clairaudience from Doing EVP

  Recently  I just came upon another case of this happening to someone.  I’m sure there are probably more cases out there, I’m sure many would choose to not speak openly about this condition online (understandably).  Just in the past year since I got struck with it, I’ve come across at least a dozen other cases so far.  I just wanted to say that even though on these paranormal television shows that are so popular now, that the investigators come out of it fine at the end, no harm done, no worse for wear (or at least that’s how it can appear…who knows but them) this does not mean that this type of activity is safe by any means. It’s certainly not an activity that everyone and their uncle Joe should be getting involved with. Here’s how I see it in speculative terms. Our reality is in fact multi-dimensional. Our dimensional existence is evolutionary. When we depart from this world/reality, we go on to the next phase for us. However, sometimes it would seem that some for whatever reason do not move on, whether intentionally of not, I simply cannot say, perhaps it’s a mix of both in these cases.

  What I have learned from my own brief but intense time being involved with spirit communication is that there is a malevolent, trickster, hostile element that seems to have chosen (or for some other reason) to stick around the Earth plane and when you unknowingly open the door to this lot, very bad things can happen.

  It appears that some percentage of people have thinner blinders to the unseen world(s) that surround us.  It’s often called being a sensitive, perhaps psychic to varying degrees, extra-sensory perceptions, mediumistic abilities, etc….etc. .. all of these things can be and have been thoroughly studied and examined throughout history, but to keep it simple, I just say that some of us have thinner blinders to these phenomenon/influences from surrounding dimensions.  So just because the “ghost hunting ” team on television wraps up an investigation and they seem no worse for wear for it, this is not how it’s going to go for everyone across the board.

   Some people attempt to channel to spirits through things like Quija Boards and Automatic Writing and never have a problem. Many claim to be in touch with their spirit guides and believe that they are receiving guidance from higher spiritual beings. This practice is very old in and of itself and I won’t throw a broad assessment out there  regarding it by saying it’s all deception because I simply have no way knowing with certainty. But I know that the danger of deception is there and very real (having experienced this myself).  There is a good video on youtube that I saw recently called Who Goes There? : A Critical Investigation into the Claims of Channeling, where the late investigative reporter Joe Fisher talks about how in his research, he tried to verify the identities that were being given to him by spirit entities through a medium (not himself). They would give him information and claimed to be such and such a person who lived in such and such a time in such and such a place.  Being an investigative journalist and author, he traveled to the places where these spirit entities claimed to be from, searched extensively through the records, but his searches always turned up empty.  There was never a trace of a person who had lived with the identities that these spirit entities had given him. 

 So this type of activity is abundant with dangers and the possibility of being deceived. The danger is real and the effects of running across a malevolent spirit can be devastating and very long lasting.  What an oppression situation involving malevolent spirits can look like, well, it essentially looks like schizophrenia.  When you seek out to communicate with spirits, especially through the sense of hearing (like I did doing EVP), some can open up a perception to hearing them (clairaudience).  The problem is, if you’ve been communicating with malevolent earthbound spirits all along and they decide to turn on you and attack, one of their common tactics is to turn this clairaudience perception (you’ve now opened) into a nightmare for you. They will create a hurricane of tormenting voices that you’ll hear non-stop until you gain the strength to close down the perception (as much as possible), which is not an easy thing to do, especially under intense fire so to speak.

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