Cuddles Playing The Piano

Guys! Guess what?! Guess what?! That’s my cat Cuddles playing the piano!!! I came back from the local cafe and I found my cat sitting idly on the seat and moving his cute lil pawsacross the piano keys. I think I almost fainted. I’ve owned a piano for many years, but this was literally the first time I ever saw him doing this. The thing is, I live by myself so I have no fucking idea how he got up there. Well, I’ve always known Cuddles was a bit odd… But look at him! Isn’t he so CUTE?!?! Oh god, I’ve been reading what I’ve been typing and I totally do NOT sound like a 22 year old. Oh well. Woah woah woah, what if I enrolled him in piano lessons? Is that even possible? It must be. I live in goddamn NY. And yes, I know I’m being super over dramatic about this. I’m aware of that fact. But don’t you dare lie to yourself. You would be saying and acting exactly like the way I am. I’m sitting in my sofa and my Cuddles is curling up against me. AGH!!! SO CUTEEE!!! And I apologize for choosing this color. I am aware that it may be difficult for some folks to read. I just wanted the color to match the picture. Umm, I think I’ll stop with the rambling. So bye- wait wait. Cuddles says, “Mreeoww!” I think that means good bye in cute cat language. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cuddles Playing The Piano”

  1. Lol! You actually sound like my younger brother! He loves his fur baby! He’s like the best parent from all my siblings and his kid is a cat lol. He takes him out on a walk with a leash…A FRICKEN LEASH!? I was in awe when I saw the video! Like wtf?? Lol. Mainly because the cats we owned would either freak out when we tried to just put on the leash or they would just be dead weight! Lol. You and my brother would get along quite well lol

  2. The best people are crazy. Let’s say that your brother and I are crazy cat maniacs. XD. But a LEASH?! Damn, my cat would never forgive me if I did that. I’m too scared to do it. Cuddles wrath is…*shudders*

  3. Yeah. A fricken leash!!! But his cat loves it!!! It already knows that when he gets the leash the cat dashes to the door waiting for him!!!

  4. Lol! That reminds me of one of our old cat. I would shake the cat food and all the cats came to me. Except him. I had to place it right next to his majesty’s head. Lol. He was pampered! Lmao! Well more like lazy! 😛

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