Day 165 – Star Trek Beyond

Tuesday, August 9th 2016

Today as fun. Spent a little time on the server and found a platform. We told the player to fix it and they’re on it. I also practiced drawing hands a little to get my portfolio started.

Other than that, I played Dead by Daylight with an admin, the co-owner and one of the owners. Apparently the owner feels protective of me, probably because I’m younger than her. I don’t mind, if she wants to play the big sister role I’d totally be up for it, I always wanted a sister, well, a little, and usually younger, but older is fine too.

I watched Star Trek Beyond. It was good and Spock was so precious haha. [SPOILERS] I thought that he was precious because of the necklace he gave Uhura and how it was accidentally a tracker. That was my favourite scene probably. It’s unfortunate though that Zachary Quinto, an actor I used to fangirl a little over turned out to just be another bad guy behind the scenes. Shane Dawson explains everything. Just Google both their names together and there should be a Shane Dawson video about The Chair.

That’s all for today.

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