I’ve been put on meds, thanks to a bitch a work claiming I’m suicidal…I’m not just depressed.

I finally talked to him, he loves and misses me. The kiss we had the other day felt like a goodbye kiss though, we haven’t talked since then…it’s been about 48 hours. I think we are done, and I hate it.

My new job is going well enough, so maybe I won’t need to worry about it for too much longer. I’m only going to work at the old job 20 hours max, which in my case means 10 lol, which also means I won’t see him that much if at all.

I can’t handle being yanked around when I love him this much.

Depressed rant done. Time for bed.

3 thoughts on “stuck”

  1. Girl you don’t need those meds, you are you no matter what people say and your lover, just make sure you know that he loves you and you should love yourself as well.. Even if it is the end.. Its really not the end of it all is it? As some people would say love is just around the corner or infact right behind you. Just follow what makes you happy. Kay? And don’t give up on what you think is right, because your right.

  2. WHAT?! IF I SEE THAT BITCH FROM WORK, IMMA PUT HERRR ON MEDS! I’m kidding around. I’m so happy that your job is going well. I totally agree with MusicTogether. Love IS around the corner. Stay focused, girl. 😉

  3. Gotta love the stupid people lol. Joke was on her though, I found a way to sue her for false reporting

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