Today has been a tad different for me. The last few weeks I have been caught up in intense feelings about you. I had not heard from you for a while and maybe that’s why? Maybe I missed you? It definitely was some kind of longing for you. But then last night I finished work and you had texted me – it had finally happened. I smiled and felt a giant sense of relief. We had a very deep and emotive conversation last night – I loved it. I went to sleep feeling quite happy with myself. Then I woke today and it was like there was a new calmness about me. I didn’t get any intense reactions like shitty butterflies when I thought of you. It had me a bit worried though – like what if for some really strange reason I had just stopped having feelings for you? But I didn’t want that to happen so why would I feel like that? As the day has progressed I think it is just because I don’t need to worry anymore. Now there is a chance we might hang out tonight. I can’t believe how calm I am about all of this.

There is no sense of rush anymore. I am happy to let things naturally run its course. I also stumbled across the phenomenon of ‘synchronicity’ last night as we were messaging. I had never heard of this before. But it made sense. A range of coincidences that happen in life as if signs from the universe. Could us finding each other again by chance through a giant dating app be synchronicity? Who knows? But it did seem too coincidental that you were the third person to appear and I had only expressed that you were unfinished business a mere few weeks earlier. Was the universe listening? Have you asked the universe the same sort of thing? Is this why we never were a thing seven years ago – because the timing was not right? There was something 7 years ago but has the universe made us wait until we have both grown? I cant help but believe that so bad right now.

 I have never felt so spiritually engaged about anything in my life – and then there’s you who gives me the sense that I am very intuitive about us. I have never spent so much time listening to my inner self and feeling my inner desires and trying to reach you through spiritual thoughts. Is it working? It has gotten me this far. The universe knows what I want – just waiting for synchronicity to do its thing.

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