The beginning of the eternal struggle

~~~~~~~~MASK ON~~~~~

You’re looking at a middle class man who seems like he has it all. He has the house. He has the job. He has, I guess what we call it, the materialistic cravings covered. 

His smile is contagious, as his confidence lets him stride through any room without batting an eye at any one. His eyes constantly analyzing the room around him, and when his eyes connect to another set, he typically lets the other remove eye contact.

Doesn’t seem like anything is stopping him. He doesn’t let his “out of shape” body dictate his sense of self awareness, meaning somehow, he has come to terms with who he is. 

~~~~~~~~~MASK OFF~~~~~~~~~

PANIC: Where am I and what am I doing? She takes over his eyes, shifting from the exit door to the nearby people. Great, I see the exit, I need to make sure I am near there. Panic closes her eyes and hums softly. We will make it out of here. Stay alert. Stay on your toes. Think of all possible outcomes. She nervously twirls her black dagger, letting the bright yellow hilt slide between her fingers. She cowers under her cloak of gray. 

ANXIETY: His shaky hand grasp Panic’s shoulder, reassuring her thoughts. Don’t forget that the exit can easily be blocked off with all those people. He quickly looks behind him at the main entrance, his fear begins to heighten. We shouldn’t be in here. We don’t belong her, Panic. We need to leave right now. His brow furrows, letting the wrinkles in his face become more apparent. He taps his waist to ensure his double edge short sword is securely attached. His strength starts to increase tremendously…

His body starts to tremble and he takes a deep breath against his own body’s will.

SERENITY: A figure dressed in white robes calmly descends into the room. A staff, the color of a pure white, is held by both of her hands. Her soft face is pointing upwards, and as she lands, her slowly opens her eyes to encounter the two figures in front of her. She smiles softly. There is no need to make our temple fret, my dear friend Anxiety. 

Anxiety and Panic immediately flash their weapons at Serenity, surrounding her quickly. Their powers are growing from the current situationSerenity tightens her grip, waiting for the attack.

He begins to notice his shortness of breath. His eyes widen as he realizes he is surrounded by strangers, he starts to head for the back door, quickly navigating through the sea of people.

ANXIETY: He snarls at Serenity, his sword brandishing a dark red color from the temple embracing Anxiety. We don’t belong here, Serene. I am trying to protect our home, our sacrilege, by making sure there is an understanding of our situation. He glances at Panic, who immediately rushes Serenity from behind.

Serenity quickly turns, her staff parrying the dagger away. She uses her momentum to take the staff and attempt to land a blow on Panic’s back left shoulder. 

Panic, her senses heighten from the temple’s current state of mind, and drops her body down. Serenity’s staff misses above her head, and Panic contorts her body to let her dagger’s edge graze across Serenity’s thigh. 

SERENITY: She gasps, the dagger barely missing her, causing a gash in her robe. She underestimated the current mind set of her temple. Serenity realized that she will be out matched in this current situation. Her own aura starts to fade as Anxiety and Panic grew in strength. This is not the time for chaos, my dear friends. No one here means you harm. We are with his family.

He doesn’t understand why he feels the need to leave around loved ones. As he gets closer to the door, his mind starts to counter his actions.

Panic and Anxiety see the opening to take over. They want to ensure that their temple is constantly on watch. Anxiety does not mind if Misery takes back over, for it allowed his temple to not take chances.

As Serenity jumped backwards to avoid the rush, a crack of lightning split the two parties apart. She smiled again, her aura increasing from the immediate presence of her superior. 

LOGIC: YOU WILL NOT TAKE OVER! He bellowed out his statement with a roar as the shockwave from his entrance pushed all parties away. He stands up, his entire body clad in light blue armor. His tall figure towers over everyone. He sheaths his long sword and continues to hold the bright steel shield, facing his enemies. Our temple is safe! His eyes glare into Anxiety and Panic, their own power being sapped by his power. He is in the home of his loved ones. His family is there to protect him and understand his journey. There will be no…

His words fell silent as the entire room grew dark. Clouds of black smoke filled the upper area and began to concentrate in front of Logic. He knew full well what was happening and he unsheathed his sword. His body tensed but Serenity whispered “Peace be still” into his ear. He immediately relaxed and let the tension go in lieu of what might happen.

Maniacal laughing filled the area as a seductive, shapely, and dark figure started to form in front of Logic. Her tight black dress clung to her curves as her face started to form from the smoke. A goddess, in every form, would almost be an understatement. She appeared and smirked at Logic, her chain-linked whip forming from the leftover black smoke. 

MISERY: My handsome counter-part. She hissed softly under her breath as her body swayed slightly from becoming fully formed. Why must you be such a brute to my underlings? She moved to Anxiety and let her finger run across his face. They are only trying to protect the temple in their own way. 

Instantly, her whip cracked and a loud, thunderous boom was created as the whip landed on Logic’s now raised shield.

LOGIC: His face remained calm, knowing that investing into anger will only give power to his enemies. He closed his eyes and fell into prayer. He let his thoughts move from Peace, Happiness, and even Serenity, gathering power from all who believed in him. Misery, we are moving forward from the past. He lifted his sword and pointed it at her menacingly. Let us commence who will control this temple! He charged in with Serenity close behind. Misery again, let loose her manically laugh, and darted toward Logic, half of her body turned back into smoke…

~~~~~~~MASK ON~~~~~~

He stopped himself from leaving. He realized he is with family, and that he is safe. But why does he want to run away? His thoughts scatter and bounce as he tries to make light conversation with his cousin. 

His cousin can’t see the turmoil. His cousin can’t see the fight that is happening behind this mask. Adam created a very powerful entity, the mask, allowing him to seem perfectly at ease and in control. However, the war inside of his body is just beginning….


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