The parents trap- By Alicia Morasse

I can’t change you, you can only change yourself and I don’t know if it’s in my best interest as an example for our daughter to wait on hold while you figure out weather you want to change or not…

Relationships are horrible, I can’t make a decision I’m happy with unless I’m choosing to stay with you and you fail to realize where your faults are. I can accept your flaws and mistakes but what about your repetitive habits? I’m done wasting time only to get hurt and fall apart. What about my needs, what about our daughter? Are we receiving what we need from you? You have other children and woman involved, how is that moving us forward, how are we growing? Where is commitment when you only see us on Saturday? I’d rather be alone then to keep fighting for what I’m not getting. Love isn’t supposed to be this way, I’m losing interest in trying to be loved when I can love myself, but wait,…I want and need someone to enjoy life with. I don’t want to just reside alone, That’s boaring.

I need to live in these moments with you where I am happy.

Time and people have a way of slipping, stop overthinking and just live for the moments that are moving you forward. The people you love weather they leave you like a lesson or stay like a blessing are also moving you forward in life. 

Time doesn’t slow down it keeps going and when you can’t let go of what was, accept things for what they are and move forward you become stuck in negativity and you start creating a void. you separate yourself from what is going on and you get lost in what isn’t because you want things to be a certain way. Be in the here and the now.


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