8 thoughts on “Where is Everyone?”

  1. I agree savedbygrace. I love to read personal journal entries, I find the commercials rather annoying and skip past them. I think the site admin should probably remove these accounts? No offence intended to anybody reading this, but this surely isn’t the correct platform for them? Just saying…

  2. Sadly, when I started this thing back at the beginning of last semester we had an enite squad of people but now nobody writes anymore and it’s kinda sad. We need to get the band back together!

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful week. I have been busy with my bathroom remodel issues and today my daughter surprised me and sent the kids over for me to take care of.
    Hope you and your husband are feeling fine.

  4. I am SO glad to hear from you all. Lee, your posts are always edifying and encouraging. Cassie, welcome to the site!! Hope we’ll be hearing a lot from you. and Grannie, you are always an inspiration. Thank you, everyone!

  5. Ah I’m back today…might write something. So many thoughts…stuff going on good and bad and I’ve been kind of stressed and sad of late. Didn’t get on here ’cause I didn’t want to be a bummer whining about the same stuff! LOL Maybe I can write a nice positive one for you today Grace!

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