Back to work and a normal life routine

Had a good sleep last night! Woke up around 8:30 AM and feel much energetic than past couple days. Skated to work and worked my ass off for coding a layout with flexbox. It’s always fun to do something with new technologies. It took a while to come up with something and it’s still work in progress. However, it was totally worth doing it for the future and myself to learn something that will actually valuable in near future. Time went by so fast today by doing that. I got a Github page with a rough documentation for the layout. It still needs lots of work and testing but very good progress for the first day!

Lunch with everyone in product team. Good food at M con on Beverly blvd. This place has very good Taiwanese food that I like. Good lunch and chat with teammates. Feel very productive and achieved today. Got off the office at 7 PM, skated back to home and took a shower. I still need more rest from the trip last week. will go to sleep soon maybe after a dinner.

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