Day 166 – New fun responsibilities

Wednesday, August 10th 2016

No sarcasm, the responsibility I was given is quite fun.

Today I was on the server for a bit. Caught a couple of players breaking rules and both owners and I were on it. Later on J came online after a while and we talked a little. He plans on making a manga with other people and I find that great!

I played a lot of Dead by Daylight today with the two admins and later on kill your friends mode with the owners. After this, they gave me the responsibility of being in charge of their Twitter, and being a long time user of Twitter, I gladly accepted. Made a few modifications, fixed the website link that didn’t even work and tweeted something then retweeted on my personal account. I think I should become builder in the future for the server as well, but with the Twitter and moderator position, I think I should wait until I started school and see how things go.

Also practiced drawing my hand in between games and also drawing my eraser, which suddenly changed into a robot. I kinda feel like trying to sketch robots now. It feels like something I could do well. Maybe also animate robots if it goes well instead of characters which I struggle to find a style.

That’s all for today.

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