I used to have these dreams when I was a kid. My dad would be planning a road trip, a vacation. We’d all get ready to go, I would say something like “wait up, I forgot something!” and they would always end up the same way, I would run out to get back in the car and I see the trail left behind. The car pulling out of the drive way. Abandoned, forgotten.

That’s how felt most of my life. Alone.


Alone.  The word it’s self is the loneliest word.


I no longer feel that way, and oddly enough I wish I was alone more often. It’s nicer, more peaceful. But that’s alright.

One of my most memorable dream happened something like this. I woke up in a wooden hut. I stepped out of the entrance to a village in a jungle, but it was abandoned. No one around but a girl. She had a greenish, leaf texture to her, like a dryad or nymph, short red hair, I can’t remember the face but she was very beautiful. We didn’t speak the same language but some how we understood eachother. We laughed and enjoyed eachothers company, night fell quickly as I lit a fire. We gazed upon the stars as we fell asleep and the next day she was gone. As I began to look for her I woke up.

Pretty weird, huh?

Lately I’ve been having a bunch of lucid dreams, they’re pretty interesting, maybe I’ll write one of them on here one day. But for now, I think I’m done.


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