Well, since i have not gave an update on my journal lately, i thought i would start today.

I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks, and when i do, its only when i have not slept in at least a day and a half. Whenever i close my eyes, these insanely horrible thoughts come in my head. I’ve recently, gone through a traumatic experience and since i cannot even remotely think about it, i am definitely not going to be able to type it out onto my computer.. I’m honestly so scared to close my eyes longer than 10 seconds. I cant go to a therapist at the moment because of my insurance issues. If anyone has gone through a traumatic experience and has overcome it, do you know any tricks to getting past this? I would love to finally get sleep like everyone else in this world! lol 

One thought on “HELP!”

  1. I lost my uncle to cancer less than a year ago. I loved him dearly and saw him take his last breath. It left me having nightmares of that moment. I found meditation really helped me. Try an app, there are loads to choose from. 5 min relax worked for me, do it right before u go to sleep. Also i started going for long walks, somewhere scenic if possible. Just to flood my mind with lasting positive images. I hope that helps a little.

    Good luck xx

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