Life cycles- Alicia Morasse

Challenge is the test given to you so that you fight and thrive to reach for a goal, Struggle is blood, sweat, tears, pain, hurt emotional sensitivity, choosing weather you rise or fall, win or quit and along the way you gain experience to make you great. Experience is what you go through that pushes you to take the next step to change.

Your choices to change mean everything because they define who you are tomorrow.

Your past is the hole you dug yourself into because experience is learned not taught. with each experience you pack the dirt up into steps that lead you up and out of the hole and when you get to the top you better keep going because they’re are people dying to be in your position from square one to do better the next time around.

Don’t get comfortable because it’s not necessary, life continues weather you make it or not it’s an ongoing cycle to be better than you where yesterday.

-Alicia Morasse

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