I just want to take a moment and really explore what love is to me? I want to say I have experienced it, but then I think it could’ve just been infatuation and comfortability. When you truly love someone like genuine love, there can be no hate, there can be no mistrust. Love is unselfishly giving all of you to someone and not expecting anything in return. With expecting comes disappointment and disappointment leads to heartbreak causing negative feelings that were once beautiful. Love is in a word, a vibe, a smell, a sound, a touch,love is everywhere that gives you happiness. When i close my eyes and think of a happy memory i always seem to go back to one specific time where i had met a neighbor and soon her cousin that i swore up and down we would end up married up one day. The moment i’m always taken back to a dream that was told to me the week he met me, he said “i dreamt of you before I ever met you” my initial reaction was to laugh because i tend to laugh out of nerves, and i said “what?” “you are so weird” and continued on explaining his dream he said ” It was like those foggy sunlight dreams and you were roller skating down my street wearing overalls with your hair blowing in the wind” and i got freaked out because a i always roller skated and love overalls, that was my go to outfit for anything. We shared good laughs about it after and he became love for me at age 12, after that the rest is history until a tragic moment changed my life as well as everyone he touched. It saddens me that he is no longer with us but i know he is in a better place watching over me. Whenever i hear coldplay i know that’s him and all i can do is smile. I miss you terribly and i hope you know this… with love always your roller girl 

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  1. That was so lovely to read and I’m so sorry for your loss. Stay strong xx

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