love more hate less

I fall in love with someone new every day.

I am currently in love with as many people as my right hand and one finger on my left.
How can you only save your heart and feelings for one human when there are billions to be loved?

A beautiful stranger on the street locks eyes and stares down my soul and I am in love at least twice a day.

My heart is so closed.

“Cause you’re the places I wanted to go.”

My heart is so open.

My heart is so empty.

My heart is so full.

Why is it looked down upon to love so much?
Why is it so wrong to love?
Why is it so wrong to not be filled to the brim overflowing with hate?
I used to be full of hate.
I am now and forever into the future and into my death will be full of only love.
Love for everyone.
Love for everything.
I have more love for anyone than I do for myself.
I am selfish for loving others more.
I am selfless for loving others more.

People are so full of hate. Why not replace it with love?
We hate because we are scared.
We hate because we are vulnerable.
We hate because we do not want to be hurt.
We hate because we do not want to be scarred, torn up, and tattered.
We hate because it is easier to hate than it is to love.
Replace our fears with openness and free ourselves to the possibility that we can be loved and deserve to be loved and others deserve love.

The world is such a disgusting beautiful fucked up whirlwind of emotions and insecurities.
Ditch the worries and thought up what ifs and replace it with why not’s.

“Bark at the neighbor’s. And then bark at the dog. Sniffing the wind. Whimpering for someone to know.”

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