Today I give myself permission to…

Today I give myself permission to…

Today I am giving myself permission to be honest and vulnerable. I have my first therapy session later and I am going to put everything out there. The way I look at it is if I am going to go through this process I need to put both feet in and no matter how embarrassing things are to admit or talk about she can’t help me if she doesn’t know the whole story.
I am going to not let myself be ashamed of my past or who I am right now and seek peace in the fact that I am trying to better myself. And honestly, I can’t be the worst head case she’s ever seen.

If there is any place I should feel safe it should be in a therapists office so I give myself permission to be vulnerable to trust the process and give the control to someone else for once.

*Sometimes you need to let go and see what happens*

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