08 12 16

These last two days have been dramatic as heck wtf. So my best friends boyfriend Josh is trying to get almost everyone I know against me. He sent her a bunch of screenshots of people talking major shit about me, people who I thought were my friends, and basically trying to force her to stop being my friend. Of course she isn’t listening and she told him that if it continues she’s going to end it. He says that I constantly start drama but like he is starting this out of nowhere and for what??? Like I don’t know what he thinks could come out of this. It’s absurd. I can’t wait to be out of high school because all of the people around me are so immature its sad. I’m trying to not care because this whole situation is so stupid but I’m so dreading to go to school. It starts in 18 days…


~ Toodles, Skye.♡


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