An experience you have had that you think everyone should experience

What experience you have had that you think everyone should experience at least once?

I’m going to break the rule on this question a bit…there are two things I think everyone needs to experience but they go hand in hand. I think everyone needs to love a person recklessly, vulnerably and without reservation, I also believe everyone needs to be heartbroken at least once.

I know I may sound a bit harsh there but there are reasons:

I feel as though everyone in life experiences love, in different levels. They love their family, their friends maybe even a lover but few people let themselves just fall, fall to the point of no return. Love is risky, more times than not it will break your heart, but until you have loved someone else with such conviction that you would sacrifice everything you are for them I don’t think you really understand love. I think you easily confused infatuation or lust for real love. A lot of people say love is blind, I disagree…love is seeing a person for every fault that they have, every scar on their body and mind and still thinking they are the most incredible person you have ever encountered. Love is finding someone who sets your soul on fire but calms your mind all at once, it’s a rare combination.

I also don’t believe love enters your life peacefully, it’s too passionate to never have a storm. Can a person be happy with a love that is easy and peaceful? Sure but is it an incredible love? I don’t think so…That kind of love makes you want to be better not for the other person but for yourself, better in life, better than you were before. You want to give that person the best version of you.

I have experienced this love only once in my life and it’s tough to admit that the man wasn’t my husband. When I was 22 I met a man who made my knees weak, we were friends first but had undeniable chemistry, the type of chemistry where we could be in a room full of people and not even notice anyone but each other. Everyone around us saw it well before we did, when we kissed the world fell away around me. I used to laugh at people who would describe things like that but it does exist. We unfortunately were too young to make it work, we both made too many mistakes,

I have never felt that way with anyone since, I loved E fearlessly, I knew at the end of it all he would probably break my heart but he was worth the risk. We have since talked and although we broke each others hearts at different points in the relationship we are on the same page when it comes to it being a learning experience and a comparasion for each relationship. He told me he finds himself comparing every woman he meets to me and that I set the bar pretty high when it comes to the type of woman he wants to be with. That to me is the ultimate compliment.

Now that all being said, when we broke up I felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. The thought of him touching another woman made me physically ill. I showed up to work hungover more days than not. But through all that I was able to see what I was made of, I made it through that, midly scarred but I lived through the worst heartache I have ever felt and came out a stronger better person for it.

I also feel like it made me more compassionate, I was able to understand that not every battle someone fights is physical and you could be talking to a stranger who cried on their way to work, or who feels like they are dying on the inside but is just trucking through life. I also think it helped make me be a little gentler with other people’s hearts, After having my heart broken I would never want someone to feel that kind of pain and try to be honest etc. It has burned me a few times but I would rather that than be the cause of someone’s heartache.

I would want everyone in life to experience undeniable love, and unfortunately heartbreak because it makes you human, it shows you that you can get through anything and that even the best things in life can change.

*A woman who opens her heart to you love you, when it’s already broken is braver than any person you’ll meet*

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  1. This was so heart felt and honest. Although a sad top, definitely a great read!

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