Day 167 – Barely escaped

Thursday, August 11th 2016

Today was like any other summer day, except for the school year starting again soon looming over… but summer just started…

Today I went on the server, built a little and seem to be promoted to the builder rank? Or maybe I’m just given the permissions for that build, I don’t know. I caught a person that I have to mute and jail for the first time for putting down a sign with a curse word. I also won an event where I got in game money, but I didn’t need it so I separated it with all players.

I also played Dead by Daylight and there was this guy that had all the time in the world to save me. I decided to add him and his friend (even though he left me to die, it was mostly just to tell him he could have saved me haha). His name was the same as a guy that leaves near me and he also is in Ontario, Canada, so I asked if it was him and it wasn’t. But other than that, I had a game that made my heart race (this game makes your heart beat hard; I hope that isn’t dangerous to my health). A killer found me and I raced him all across the map to escape. He caught me once, but I wiggled out when he was already bringing me far away from the door. I managed to get at the door, but he was in front of it and I was already one hit down, so all he had to do is hit me once and I was a goner. I ran straight for him and dodged him at the last second, making him swing at the air. I ran past him and with him barely in the range of hitting me, I escaped. My heart was beating and I was out of breath. Dead by Daylight is stressful, but so much fun.

That’s all for today.

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