Flight Cancellation

Hong Kong International Airport, 11:49 p.m. as I begin this, sitting on a faux-leather seat, listening to the mellowest song I can find (Rainbow Connection, as sung by Weezer and Hayley Williams) while trying not to go insane from the lack of sleep, and the stress of spending half a day 1. waiting for and then taking a bus to the airport 2. sitting in the airport for about three hours waiting for our flight 3. sitting in a crowded airplane for about two+ hours waiting for good news and hoping that we could take off soon 4. getting off the plane and struggling all the way back into the airport because no, we could not take off and we have to wait until at least seven or eight a.m. before there’s a flight we can take and 5. sitting here, waiting–so full circle, to where I started narrating.

I would like to type out a whole string of expletives here. Just because. But I’m too tired and my laptop isn’t running on much battery. So I’ll skip that.

I can’t sleep though. Fuck if I know why (whoops, that just slipped out) because all I have to do right now is wait.

To all a good fucking night, friends, a good. Fucking. Night. I hope you’re having a better and much less stressful day than I have had, and, as always, stay chill because at least you haven’t been up and down about ten different transportation/crafts in the past twelve hours, and you won’t have to get on a plane, stay on it for three and a half hours (at least. If you don’t have to wait and here that it’s been CANCELLED yet AGAIN) and then get off the plane, and then get on another plane, stay on that plane for about twelve+ hours (unless that plane, too, is cancelled or delayed) and then get off the plane, struggle out of the airport, and head off home–oh wait, no, not home, not yet, I should say, the apartment that is GOING to be your home, if all goes well and you don’t just collapse from the stress of it all before you even touch down in Texas.

So. Good. Night.

And sorry if I sound cranky. I’m childish. And kind of (well, REALLY) rude when I’m tired. So sorry.

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  1. I know few things more exhausting than having to wait. It is agony. Especially as the hours pile up. Hope you’ll soon be in your new apartment and happy. Best wishes!

  2. I know boredom is one of my weaknesses and most hated feelings. Hope all will be good like savedbygrace said!

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