My First Date !!

Dear Journal,

So a couple of days ago i had my first date and i could tell you this it was the most awkward thin of my life!!!

i had planned to meet this boy Elliot who is 18 years old so a bit of a age gap. He knew that i hadn’t kissed anyone before and that this was new to me.

We went ice skating and i can say i hate ice skating now i was always afraid to go because when i was younger a little girl was walking around with the blades on while i was putting on my skates and she stood on my toe!! lucky she skimmed my skin.

Anyway after the ice skating we went to this high hill where there was a statue and a man standing by it ???

well I must be cursed with awkwardness or something because i kept falling over in grass and i nearly fell to my death a bit. oh and i had my first kiss that went very badly, i was going in for the kiss me not him and our noses smooshed together and i ended up like the little kid getting embarrassed and it literally lasted 2 seconds worst first kiss ever !!!

anyway I’ve only met him 2 after that and we decided we didn’t like each other in that way anymore but we are still friends. kinda put me off dating :/

Grace xx

One thought on “My First Date !!”

  1. Dating like everything else requires practice. I’m glad you’re still friends with this boy who sounds very nice. I’ve never known of a smooth, sexy first kiss. The first kiss is just awkward at best. Better times ahead, for sure!!! (smile)

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